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Skirt Model 34 - Polyester Solids - 1100

Skirt Model 34 - Polyester Solids - 1100

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  • A+ Fabrics: 100% texturized polyester
  • 2 kick pleats
  • Right-side seam pocket
  • Adjustable inside waistband
  • Each care machine wash and dry
  • Polyester Solids: Black, Medium Grey, Navy, Sand Khaki
  • See 1034BP for Blend Plaids: P1C, P35, P37, P41, P49, P54, P55, P57, P59, P60, P62, P76, P80, P81
  • See 1034BS for Blend Solids: Blend Khaki, Blend Navy
  • See 1034PP for Polyester Plaids: P32, P36, P42, P43, P50, P6T, P61, P63, P66, P79, P8B, P83, P85, P87, P90, P91, P94
Style: 1034PS
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Colors For Boys Grades

Colors For Girls Grades

Navy: 6th-8th

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